Online Casino RNG Fairness: What to Look For

Learn how to make sure an online casino is fair and secure with random number generator technology. Discover what you should be looking for when evaluating RNGs for ensuring proper fairness and integrity with online casino gaming.

Online Casino RNG Fairness: What to Look For

Online casinos have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, offering players the convenience of enjoying their favorite games from the comfort of their homes. Yet, as the world of online gaming expands, questions surrounding fairness, reliability, and authenticity arise. One term that pops up frequently in these discussions is 'RNG' – but what is it? And more importantly, how can players be certain of its fairness?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the mystery behind RNGs, explain their role in online gaming, and share some key pointers that can help players ensure they're getting a fair shake when they play.

What is an RNG?

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. It's a technology used in various digital platforms, from video games to encrypted communication, but in the context of online casinos, it's a critical component in ensuring game outcomes are unpredictable and fair.

In essence, an RNG produces a sequence of numbers that cannot be reasonably predicted, which determines the results for online casino games. Whether you're spinning a slot machine's reels or being dealt a hand of blackjack, an RNG is at work behind the scenes, ensuring each outcome is random.

How Does RNG Work?

The foundation of an RNG is a complicated algorithm that generates random numbers at an incredibly fast rate. These numbers correspond to possible outcomes in a game.

For instance, in an online slot game, each symbol on a reel might be assigned a range of numbers. When you spin the reel, the RNG will produce a random number within that range, which then determines the symbol you see. Since the number is genuinely random, the game result is also random.

The Importance of RNG Fairness

For online casino players, RNG fairness is paramount. It ensures:

  1. Trustworthiness: Players need to be confident that they're not being cheated and that the casino isn't manipulating game results.

  2. Legitimacy: A fair RNG underscores a casino's legitimacy and reputation, assuring players that they’re in a professional and credible gaming environment.

  3. Regulatory Compliance: Many jurisdictions require online casinos to use certified RNGs to maintain their licenses.

Key Indicators of RNG Fairness

So, how can you be certain that an online casino's RNG is fair? Here are some indicators to consider:

1. External Auditing and Certification

The most reliable online casinos invite third-party organizations to test their RNG software. These independent bodies evaluate the randomness and fairness of the RNG. Upon passing these tests, casinos often receive a certification that they proudly display on their websites. Look for certificates from renowned testing labs like eCOGRA, TST, and iTech Labs.

2. Licensing and Regulation

Online casinos that operate under a license from a reputable gaming authority are required to meet strict standards of fairness. Authorities like the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, and the Isle of Man Government ensure that RNGs used by their licensed casinos are genuine and unbiased.

3. Transparent Payout Percentages

Fair casinos are transparent about their games' Return to Player (RTP) percentages. The RTP represents the percentage of all wagers returned to players over time. A fair RNG will align with the game’s stated RTP.

4. Player Reviews and Feedback

While not always a definitive source of information, player reviews can provide insights into an online casino's operations. Look for consistent feedback on game fairness, and be cautious of casinos with multiple reports of rigged or biased games.

Myths About RNG

There are several misconceptions about RNGs. Dispelling these myths can help players have a clearer understanding of online gaming fairness:

  1. "The casino rigs the RNG when I increase my bet." - A reputable casino doesn't adjust the RNG based on your betting habits. The randomness remains consistent regardless of your stake.

  2. "After a jackpot, the slot won’t pay out for a long time." - Each spin is independent of the previous one, and the RNG has no memory of past results. A jackpot can theoretically be hit multiple times in a row.

  3. "I’m due for a win after a long losing streak." - The concept of being 'due for a win' doesn't apply with RNGs. Each spin or play is a separate event with its own random outcome.

FAQs about Online Casino RNG Fairness

  1. What is RNG in online casinos?
    • RNG stands for Random Number Generator. It's a system used to generate random game outcomes in online casinos.
  2. How can I trust that an RNG is fair?
    • Look for online casinos that are licensed, externally audited, and have transparent payout percentages.
  3. Can casinos manipulate RNG?
    • Reputable online casinos cannot manipulate RNGs, especially if they're licensed and regularly audited.
  4. Is every online casino game determined by RNG?
    • Most online casino games rely on RNG, with the exception of live dealer games.
  5. Does the RNG work the same in free games and real-money games?
    • Yes, the RNG functions the same in both free and real-money games to ensure gameplay consistency.
  6. Can I test the RNG of an online casino?
    • While you can't directly test an RNG, you can check for external audit certificates and player feedback about game fairness.
  7. Are there different types of RNGs in online casinos?
    • Yes, there are pseudo-random number generators (PRNGs) and true random number generators (TRNGs). Most online casinos use PRNGs.
  8. How often is the RNG of an online casino audited?
    • This varies, but reputable casinos ensure regular auditing, often annually or bi-annually.
  9. Do all online casinos use RNGs?
    • Most online casinos use RNGs for digital games. However, live dealer games don't rely on RNGs.
  10. Can players predict RNG outcomes?
  • No, if the RNG is functioning correctly, players cannot predict its outcomes.


RNGs are at the heart of the online casino experience, ensuring fairness, unpredictability, and excitement with every game. By understanding RNGs and knowing what signs to look for, players can confidently enjoy their online gaming journey, secure in the knowledge that they're getting a genuinely random and unbiased experience. Always remember to play responsibly and choose casinos that prioritize fairness and transparency.